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The Team at Apollo Entertainment are extremely pleased to announce that Apollo Entertainment has won 2 Awards at the Auckland North Business Awards 2011. The Excellence in Technology Award and the Excellence in Innovation Award. It was a great night, and exceptionally great that Apollo Entertainment was the only company to receive more than one award.



The Team at Apollo Entertainment are focused on bringing the latest in entertainment solutions to the New Zealand RV, Marine and Domestic markets. With over 20 Years of sales experience in the international Marine and RV industry, the Team at Apollo Entertainment are the most customer focused sales force in New Zealand.

By supplying the very latest in Entertainment Technology - Apollo Entertainment will bring about a fusion between the product and the customer, providing the best solution every time, tailored to the customers needs. We will lead the entertainment industry with innovations and quality product that will be distributed throughout a large and varied dealer network.

In the past few years the Team at Apollo Entertainment have become the industry leaders and intend to continue well into the future. The main players in the Marine & RV industries utilise the Apollo Team to provide the latest in technology to the end user.

Working with a dedicated team of suppliers, who bring the innovations designed by the Apollo Team to life, Apollo Entertainment will continue to be at the forefront of Electronic Entertainment Technology. Our partnership with the manufaturers we deal with, has brought about the Apollo brand of LCD TV's, specifically designed with the rigerous requirements of the Marine & RV industries in New Zealand and Australia.

By dealing with the manufactures directly, the Team at Apollo have the ability to turn ideas into reality. This involves listening to our customer's requirements and producing products to support the market.

Whilst the RV & Marine Industries are the day to day sales markets that Apollo Entertainment will be working in, new products from our suppliers suit the Building, Home Entertainment, Hotel, Hunting, and Mountain Biking industries. As the Apollo Team have always found that diversification is key to business growth and survival. These new markets have exciting prospects.

The key to any business is customer focus and by ensuring we are partnering with the best manufacturers in the world and utilising the best available technologies, Apollo Entertainment is bringing the best available products to our customers.

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